Marble Cleaning Services
Parquet Polishing

We excel in delivering remarkable marble services, giving your marble the treatment it deserves. Our experience in industry means we know how best to treat marble with the necessary quality and respect to maintain its natural brilliance.

At Complete Services, we totally understand the extensive cleaning processes required for marble, removing every hint of dirt, grit and wax. All of our buffer machines use custom fitted buffing pads, meaning a seamless and coherent operation.

We begin our marble polishing with an initial application of marble compound powder, after which we rinse and mop the floor twice with immaculately clean water and mops. Whilst this is allowed to dry completely, we totally clean our machine to assure there are no remnants of powder and apply a fresh pad to the buffer. Next, a few squirts of polish are sprayed to 3’x3’ floors sections of the floor and applied by a side-to-side motion, this is then completed by buffing the floor until it is dry. For full effectiveness, we work in sections of four and persevere until the shine begins to appear.

With Complete Services, you are guaranteed quality service thanks to a team of professionals who are backed up by 10 years of experience in the industry. All operations are directed by a superb management core who works with clients to attain unmatched results and satisfaction. We are passionate, dedicated and highly knowledgeable, making our marble polishing an outstanding facet of our service range.

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