Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance
Tree Cutting, Grass Cutting Services

Garden maintenance services:

  • Loosening of soil around plants, trees and sprouts to enhance growth and nutrient intake
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing all sprouts, plants and trees
  • Pruning of shrubs below 3m and all plants, including those potted
  • Monthly or responsive application of insecticide and fungicide
  • Attending to dead or dry leaves, branches etc.
  • Grass cutting and clearing

*Quote includes supply of labour, equipments, tools, machinery, materials, approved fertilizer and insecticide etc necessary to carry out grass cutting and Tree Cutting attending to garden & landscape maintenance works.


Elite Garden Maintenance

We all want to capitalise upon our gardens and create that ideal getaway space, whether that be an extensive landed property space or a more modest courtyard. From embellishing friends to relaxing in tranquil isolation, a garden provides infinite possibilities.

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Our comprehensive services are inclusive, ranging from tree cutting to grass cutting services. Complete Services’ experts are also able to offer more nuanced care, such as pruning and the application of fungicide, insecticide and fertiliser. We are certain to provide the service your garden needs.

From flowery fantasy lands to exotic tropical scapes, we are adept at maintaining anything and take pride in our brilliant services.

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  Garden Maintenance and Grass Cutting Service in Singapore